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Ms. Flora-Bama 2012 bikini contest

Scenes from the 2012 Ms. Flora-Bama bikini contest from the famous beach bar straddling the Alabama and Florida state lines. Winner Julie McGee won $5000. Brittany Crowell finished second and Desiree Niemann finished third.
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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 5th Apr 2013


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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 28th Dec 2012


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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 9th Oct 2012


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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 8th Oct 2012


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Guest (Unregistered) posted on 8th Oct 2012


Fr. Ruff,It is my impression that it was not until 1971 that the episocpal conferences had the authority to extend the vernacular to every part of a public Mass. That is several years after the last Council Father went home and poses some challenges juxtaposed with the actual text of SC 36 or 54 where a mostly Latin celebration appears to be presumed. Maybe we should infer that local pastors were expected to choose just where Latin is retained in their celebrations with some allowance of diversity between parishes. Certainly we cannot presume that the International Group of Fathers who voted for SC expected an all-vernacular liturgy. As late as 1967 the Episcopal Synod showed little interest in an all-vernacular liturgy.It was Pope Paul who extended the vernacular in the Divine Office (mp SL 1964 seemingly going beyond the Council Father's expressed desire in SC 101) but Pope Paul also published Iubilate Deo in 1974 stating his desire that all the people (the word all is in the text) will be able to sing the Gloria , the Credo , the Sanctus , and the Agnus Dei in Latin. Pope Paul seemed to be clearly working within the legal framework of SC with I. Deo.

Guest (Unregistered) posted on 6th Oct 2012


: The point I am making is that the boships, according to Vatican II, should have had a much greater say than they have insisted on. It is a dereliction of duty on their part to rubberstamp a mediocre translation, to allow Rome to have the final say the quality thereof (in opposition to Vatican II), to allow the bad translation principles of Liturgiam Authenticam to be imposed without discussion (entailing that one dreads to present any but the most woodenly literal texts to Rome for fear of not getting the recognition e28094 which is increasingly made into a weird hurdle or moving goalpost manifulated by bullies like Medina, the Pinochet cardinal behind an awful lot of the present debacle), etc. Priest and laity are rightly angry at this betrayal by their boships. Rather than talk about Revelation and Faith & Morals, neither of which are in question here, think rather of Pastoral Responsibility (bearing the abuse scandal in mind as an example of how grave a failure on this front can be). But the matter of revrlation and the obedience in matters of faith does go to this, and yes, pastoral responsiblility is important, but it shouldn't overrule the rubrics and the sacred Tradition of the Church.200c